Repotting Impatiens Seedlings

A few weeks ago we planted impatiens seedlings. Our seedlings were starting to get a bit leggy (tall) so we decided to repot them and spread them out. This will give them the opportunity to form strong root systems and nice, healthy plants.

imageHere they are ready for their move!

imageWe filled recycled yogurt containers with loose  soil,

imagethen we gently scooped out two or three seedlings.

imageWe placed them carefully into the pots and tamped down the soil.

imageWe placed markers into each pot.

imageAnd they were ready to be placed back back under the grow lights.

Hopefully we’ll have twenty or twenty five plants ready to use in our new shade garden this summer.

More on that project soon 😉

Happy Spring!

Post by Mike G, Stephanie, Terrance and Michele



Making Pots From Newspaper

Here’s another fun activity that we did this week to help us get ready for spring.

We made seedling pots from newspaper!


We used a sheet of newspaper, a soup can and a little bit of tape.


First we folded the newspaper in half lengthwise…


then we rolled it tightly over the soup can.


We folded it in, creating the bottom of the pot and used a piece of tape to hold it together.


Then we slid the can out and we had a pot shape!


We folded in the top edge to give it stability.


And we had created a nice pot, ready for some seed starting soil and seeds. When the seedlings are ready, we’ll be able to plant them right into the ground because newspaper is highly biodegradable and a good source of carbon, and the inks are made with natural earth pigments and soy.


Now we have a box of pots ready for our seeds!

Post by Michele and Jesse, with Scott, Danny, Steven, John C, Tanya, Laurie, Mike G and Bill M.