Up On Our Rooftop–July 29, 2015


Now that it’s late July, we have lots of herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables growing up on our roof.


Here’s the view looking toward Butler Street.

The beans that are growing on those trellises are going to be a fun surprise!


We’ve planted lots of colorful hanging baskets for the railings.


Here’s “Jay’s rose” which he tends to faithfully!


Our eggplant plant has started to produce fruit.


So have the pepper plants.


The carrots are also growing well, along with some red sunflowers!


We’ve been picking zucchini.

We made zucchini bread, and we’ll be making zucchini fries in a few days.


We planted quite a few tomato plants.

These golden nugget tomatoes are ready to eat!


The celery seedlings were donated by our friends Ed and Betsey.


The view looking toward Hanson Street includes chit chat gladiolas, zinnias, onions, tomatoes, very large sunflowers, and lots of other plants tucked in.


The pink and red flowers catch the eye!


We’re trying a few of these new “perfect tomato cages” this year.

Their adjustable, easy to assemble and won’t take up much winter storage space.

So far, so good!


Barbara really enjoyed photographing the beautiful gladiolas!

Stay tuned!

Theres more summer gardening adventures to come!



Photo Credits to Barbara C and Jay


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