Up On the Roof-July 21, 2014

It’s almost the middle of summer and our rooftop is a busy place!

We’ve had some good, sunny weather and some very cold, rainy days. Most of our plants are doing well. Here’s what’s happening up on the roof:


This is the view as  you reach the top of the steps.


If you turn around you’ll see the bottle garden that we created last week from green soda bottles.


Here’s the view looking back from the table area.


Remember the pumpkin that Kathy gave us in the spring? It’s making lots of new pumpkin vines!


We have a few apples coming along but it looks like the apple harvest will be small this year.


The kale is doing well. We’re hoping to make some kale chips with it this week.


Our three sisters (corn, beans and squash) are all in harmony with each other, as these vegetables usually are.


We thinned the carrots last week.


Our first tomato appeared on a vine.


This volunteer sunflower plant is getting ready to bloom.

A volunteer is a plant that comes up on it’s own from last year’s seeds.


The lovage is huge! We need to learn about what we can use it for.


Here’s Peg’s favorite rose flower.


We have lots of swiss chard and some Brussel sprouts that we grew from seed.


And our beautiful lilies are blooming.

We love the lilies for the short time we have them.

That’s it for today. We enjoyed taking these photos to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Post by Steven, Philip, Peg, Barbara and Michele

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