Up On the Roof— May 30, 2014

We’ve been spending lots of time up on the roof again.

Today Barbara and Michele took pictures to show everyone what we’ve been up to.


The strawberries are growing.


Everyone is eating the chives again.


Peas are climbing the trellis with peppers in front of them, along with little pincushion zinnias.


We grew our brandywine heirloom tomatoes from seed.


Along with super beefsteak tomatoes, and several other varieties.


Staff person Kathy O’Brien brought in a pumpkin that she’s had hanging around since last year.

We buried in the garden and now we’re watching to see if  a new pumpkin plant will grow out of it.


Our pond is back! We hope to add fish next week if the water gets warmer.


We planted a salsa garden that contains tomatillos, peppers, tomatoes and cilantro.

Everything we need to make salsa!


The new knockout rose bush is settling in and getting ready to bloom soon.


Here’s the view across the roof today.


We still have seedlings to find spaces for!

There’s lots of work ahead for us!

Post by,  Barbara and Michele


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