Seed Tape

This week we spent some time preparing for spring by making seed tape.


We started with flour, seeds and a roll of good quality two ply toilet paper.


We made a simple flour paste by adding water.

Using one part flour to two parts water seems to work well.


We cut off sections of the paper then folded it lengthwise twice.


The first fold made the paper stronger and the second fold scored it so the seeds would be planted in a straight row.


Then we dabbed small patches of paste along the paper.

We looked at the directions on the seed packets and spaced our patches far enough apart for the plants to grow well.


We placed seeds on each patch of paste.


We let them dry overnight…


and placed them in ziplock bags.


We have bags of carrots, sunflowers, peas and beans all ready to be planted on the roof.

It won’t be long now!

Post by Michele and Laurie K.

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