Up On the Rooftop- November Edition

We’ve been putting things away and getting ready for winter on our rooftop.



We do miss our summer look. It was beautiful!

It’s sad to see it go but there’s still lots of great things happening in the Bass River Gardens!


Swiss chard… we’ve made it into soup and stir fry and added it to arrangements.


It’s fun to bring fresh flowers down for everyone to enjoy.


These chrysanthemums were brought in by one of our workers from the Gordon Florist job site in June. We planted them up on the roof, then watered and pruned them all summer. Here they are blooming for us again!


We always have a little bit of lettuce growing somewhere.


This rose bush is a new addition, and those yellow flowers are broccoli blooms.


We harvested lots of sunflower seeds. We kept some for the birds this winter…


and we cooked some to eat. They were roasted after they simmered with salt. They baked so quickly that we burnt them 😦

We’ll try that again next year.


The fish are back downstairs.


We saved some of the broom corn seeds for next year.


We also made this “cold frame” from basement window well covers that we clipped together and tied down with bungee cords. We have cilantro, dill, chamomile and oregano growing under here and we’ll probably add some lettuce too. It’s a fun and easy way to extend our outdoor growing season.


Our friendly owl keeps an eye on us as we work and enjoy our view.

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoyed our update!

Michele and the Bass River Gardeners

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